Feature MODEL: Siray Kong

You’ve seen her at our Code AIC booths at shows. Code AIC had some time to talk with the beautiful Siray Kong. She is much traveled, born in Thailand, raised in Minnesota and now pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles. Her modeling is igniting her passion and pursuit in a career in music and acting. There is no limits for Siray.

NAME: Siray Kong
ETHNICITY: Thai/Cambodian
HOMETOWN: TwinCities, Mn

WEBSITE: www.siraykongonline.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/SirayKong
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/ModelSirayKong

Code AIC: How does a girl born in Thailand come to live and be raised in Minnesota?
SIRAY: My mother and I live in a refugee camps in Thailand we were sponsored by a church in Minnesota. I lived in Minnesota most of my life.

Code AIC: You’re now living in California… What do you miss most about Minnesota? What don’t you miss most about Minnesota?
SIRAY: What I miss the most about Minnesota is fishing; I go back home pretty often so I get both worlds. I love having so many lakes but Im not so crazy about all the mosquitoes. I absolutely don’t miss the winter either!

Code AIC: Do you remember your 1st modeling gig? How’d that go?
SIRAY: Yes I do… my first job was for a national advertisment. It was for an optical wear comapny. I was nervous when I was at the audition but was grateful to hear they liked me. The shoot itself was awesome, I was surrounded by white flowers.

Code AIC: Other than modeling… acting and singing is your passion… tell me a little bit of that passion.
SIRAY: Honestly, modeling was my gateway into acting. Acting is a craft that is an on going learning experience. More how to organize my feelings into an act. I feel that I am very emotional and strong sense of my emotions, with that I express my acting through relating to my journey in life.
Singing is my escape. I started writing poetry for my church back in Minnesota. Then I started singing with the group; before you know it, I was singing solo for the church. I never felt so free until I sang for my heavenly Father. I feel refreshed and powerful when I sing. I feel that all my feeling, thoughts come together in a tune. I want to free the soul through music and nothing more rewarding then being apart of a great movement.

Code AIC: Who inspires your singing? Favorite artist(s)?
SIRAY: Mary Mary. Whitney Houston. Lauryn Hill. These are the ones that inspire me and are my favorites.

Code AIC: Who inspires your acting? Favorite actor/actress?
SIRAY: Natalie Portman. Scarlett Johansson. Will Smith. Tyler Perry. They’re my favorites. Each person acting is different but how they express it is amazing. There are no limits in expressing… their acting is amazing I picture myself in their shoes/role.

Code AIC: Are you currently in a relationship?
SIRAY: No, I am not but I can’t wait to give all this love to the amazing someone. It’s been over 4 years and I ready to love.

Code AIC: Define your ideal man?
SIRAY: He puts God first; love family; understanding and a team player. Someone I can grow with and admire his perseverance. He has between 5’9 and 6 feet tall. He can come any any shade but has to be humble and have a big heart but not no sucker.

Code AIC: What’s the worst pick line a guy has told you?
SIRAY: ‘You are what I am looking for. Can I spoil u?’ [Laughing] It’s a pretty common line here in Cali.

Code AIC: Lets talk about cars… what was the car you drove when you first got your driving license?
SIRAY: It was a purple 4-door Honda; not sure if it was an Accord. I remember it was a hot hot summer day and my car had no A/C. The instructor was a bit overweight so he was very uncomfortable so he rushed through the test. It didn’t help him that my passenger window couldn’t roll down. Thank you my purple lil’ Honda.

Code AIC: What would be your dream car?
SIRAY: Old school Chevy Chevelle or Ford Mustang. Has to be in pink! Or…I’ll take red too.

Code AIC: What would be your dream vacation?
SIRAY: Thailand or Cambodia and bring all my loved ones withe me.

Code AIC: What 5 words best describe you?
SIRAY: Strong, understanding, spiritual, achiever and cute.

Code AIC: Favorite things…
SIRAY: Mexican food! Yes… with extra beans and rice please!
SIRAY: Purple, royal blue and green.
SIRAY: none
SIRAY: Any of Tyler Perry’s movies and Will Smith’s ‘Pursuit of Happyness’.
…tv shows?
SIRAY: ‘Family Guy’.

Code AIC: What would you do if you won the lottery? How would you use the money?
SIRAY: Wow… I can go on forever with question! First, I will donate to my church; then buy a big house for my family; then buy a big house for my family in Cambodia. Find my brother so my mother can have closure. Finally, get my non-profit organization going. Pay all the people in advance to help make my facility come to success. Buy everything my mother wants. Open up a salon and restaurant. Invest so much more in my clothing line. Save some money to mature and invest in stock. And….

Code AIC: If you where a superhero, what would be your super power?
SIRAY: Im not sure but I would LOVE to give people more hope and faith because of those two things the world would be better. Take away discouragements and and insecurities. To empower and rebuild what is broken through faith and believing. I prefer to not wear a cape though.

Code AIC: Thank you Siray for taking some time to answer my questions… do you have any final thoughts or shout outs?
SIRAY: Yes, Im very grateful for the love and support. My journey is more amazing more for the people I can inspire. I want to thank everyone that took the time to read and get to know me better. It’s always hard for me to answers some of these questions cause it never fails that some answers I write in tears. My heart is an open book…my life is a story yet to be written. My gratitude goes to you and for your time to stop and read. Thank you! 1Luv