About Code AIC

Code AIC is an automotive web magazine that captures the sport compact scene and lifestyle. Code AIC was launched in early 2011 as a Facebook community page. After a slow transition… the official Code AIC is now online.

Code AIC is a re-launch of a website with its roots starting back many years ago. AIC is an acronym for Auto Import Craze. Auto Import Craze has been covering the sport compact scene since 2001. In the end of 2010, the Founder of Auto Import Craze decided a change was needed. A re-launch of a new name and new look for the next generation.

Code AIC will continue to provide the 3 essentials its predecessor maintained to follow so many years before. Provide Coverage, Features and Insight.

The core of AIC is covering the events of our industry: car shows, local meets, motorsports, trade shows and club events.

We will continue to showcase some of the best, cleanest custom cars to hit the streets, the show floor or on the race track. Highlight individual style, tuning performance, trends and passion. We also feature the sexiest and hottest models in the industry. Get to know the industry’s finest and upcoming faces.

We will provide the latest information and news from the automotive, aftermarket, motorsports and lifestyle. Keeping you informed with the trends and new technology. Find out the newest products for styling, performance and audio for your vehicle.

I wanted to thank everyone who supported Auto Import Craze through the years from 2001 till 2011. Code AIC was a difficult and long process but finally online but far from complete. We will provide regular content and hope you continue to follow the new Code AIC.


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